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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I have to eat Paleo full time to reap the benefits?

A:  No! Maybe you just want to increase your vegetable intake. Or start cutting out processed foods. This is a great start!


Q:  What if I want to order more than five meals to be delivered to my gym?

A:  You can order up to 4 sets of meals at a time.  Order the initial order of 1 set of 5 meals - then get up to three additional sets of meals at a discounted 10% off.


Q:  Do you offer a catering option?

A:  Not at this time.


Q:  How do I order and pay for my food?

A:  Orders may be placed on the menu page and paid for  securely via PayPal through the "Check-out" page.  We accept both credit or debit card payments through the PayPal site.  You will receive a confirmation email that your order was received.  Orders must be placed by midnight Thursday in order for your meals to be delivered by the following Monday.


Q:  Do you offer baked goods or breakfast?

A:  Yes! Please see this week's menu for our baked good and breakfast of the week.


Q:  Do I need to be a member of a gym to pick up food at that location?

A:  No - only for Crossfit 646 on Oracle Road.  That is the only exception.  All of our other delivery locations, you do NOT need to be a member in order to have food delivered and picked up there.


Q:  Are the food containers microwave safe? Oven safe? Dishwasher safe?  Freezer safe?

A:  The meal containers are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe.  They are NOT safe to use on the stove, in the oven, or in a toaster oven.


Q:  Do you need the containers back?

A:  No – please keep the containers and either re-use them or recycle them. Thank you!


Q:  Where are the calories listed on the meals?

A:  We don’t list the calories on the meals, but we do list the macros. We like to keep the focus on the ingredients and not on counting calories. We do list calories on our weekly email list (subscribe here) or you can calculate them yourself. There are 4 calories in each gram of net carbohydrates (total carbs minus grams of fiber) and protein, and 9 calories in each gram of fat.


Q:  Do you offer home delivery?

A:  Home delivery is not currently available.


Q:  I don’t eat (pork, seafood, Brussels sprouts, etc.)

A:  Let us know in the comments section when you order. You can switch out any meal for another on the menu, or switch out side dishes. Sometimes (not always) ingredients can be left out.


Q:  I don’t want to make 2 trips a week to the gym (to pick up and drop off the cooler) What other options do I have?

A:  You can transfer the food from our cooler into your own that you bring to the gym, then leave our cooler for pick-up. Easy peasy!


Q:  Can I order vegetarian or vegan meals from you?

A:  No, sorry. We already cut out grains, dairy, soy and legumes….which doesn’t leave us with a lot of vegetarian or vegan options!


Have another question not addressed here?  Please contact us.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!





Photo of Buffalo burgers with sweet potato fries and sauerkraut.

Buffalo burgers with sweet potato fries and sauerkraut.

Photo of Butternut squash with bacon and crispy fried eggs.

Butternut squash with bacon and crispy fried eggs.


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