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My goal is to make delicious, freshly prepared food a convenient and economically feasible option for Tucson area residents. I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and making it easier for others to do the same! I understand the time and budget constraints that come with trying to cook all meals from scratch – making homemade condiments, spice rubs, and broth is time consuming – not to mention preparing fresh vegetables, slow cooking meats, and meal planning and shopping. Let me do that for you.


I do have an extensive background in the food and service industry. I have worked in fast food restaurants, fine dining establishments, and even prepared and served food in a nursing home. I also spent approximately 8 years on active duty orders for the US Army. After finishing my last deployment in 2012, I came home with some extra weight, mostly from eating all the heavily processed foods in the base’s chow hall. I wanted to eat healthier – and craved vegetables and fresh food – and through my internet searches found the Paleo diet. I quickly jumped on board, and over a year, lost 20 pounds and definitively changed my body composition. Cooking all from scratch was a challenge! I spent countless hours finding recipes, grocery shopping at multiple locations, and preparing fresh food. I tested hundreds of recipes, and began to perfect a few key meals and baked goods. Then I began expanding my repertoire of meals – because meatballs on spaghetti squash eventually gets old. I also shared my new found knowledge with my family and friends – several whom have also adopted a paleo or primal lifestyle, and have found improved health and weight loss through eating vegetables, meat, fruit and nuts – and, if you’re like me, the occasional artisan cheese.  After the military, I began a job in law enforcement. My new go to stress reliever after work was cooking or baking, and trying new recipes out on my friends and family.  I then decided I wanted to do this full time – because feeding people healthy food makes me happy! I am a self-taught Paleo cook, and I want to share my food with you!


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